Overcome By Bleach


Last night, we went to dinner with my parents, which is always a hoot.  We have lots of fun with them though.  They make us laugh, in fact, we laugh all the way home afterward on most occasions.   By the way, they have been invited to move in with us whenever we get settled.  My mother isn’t sold on the notion yet, but dad is ready to go.  Mom sees all of the stuff they would have to deal with in order to move house, and dad doesn’t give a rip.  I think they’re planning to fly down to see us in February, should be interesting since they plan to stay about a month.

I spent quite a bit of time a little while ago scrubbing the family room floor with bleach.  We’re going to repaint it after Doug replaces the crown moulding and baseboard in that room and we paint the walls again.  Always, ALWAYS open doors before using straight bleach.  Came very close to burning my nose.  Duh.

Well, off to church.  Going tonight so that we can get started very early tomorrow morning on the family room before it gets too hot.  On top of everything else, we’re having a heat wave.  A tropical heatwave, in southwest Missouri.

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