Give Me Another Dream, Please


I applied for a job today.  I haven’t done that for eleven years.  Not the easiest thing to do, since I’m very much out of practice.  And the last time I applied for a job I was already volunteering some for the position that had come available.  Not many people know this story…

It was the fall of 2002 and I had a dream that I was working at our church.  It wasn’t revealed to me at that time just which position I held, but I knew it was at the church.    When I awoke the next morning the dream was just as vivid as the night before, which was unusual – normally I forget what I dreamt during the night.

Several months later, there was an announcement in one of the weekly bulletins about a job opening at the church.  I knew that I was supposed to apply and I did.  Shortly afterward, I began an eleven year commitment to the people and ministries at Christ’s Community.

Now, here I am, heeding another call to step off the edge and enter into another unknown.  This time, however, I’m eleven years older and trying to enter the world of youngsters who use their phones for everything from making calls to ordering pizza online.  Wait a minute – they don’t make phone calls, they text.  These young folks don’t seem to be afraid of ANYTHING, especially tech stuff.   How can I compete with them???

Satan can really cause us to doubt ourselves and God.  All he has to do is inject little thoughts into our subconscious like, “they’re not going to hire you”, “you’re too old”, “you don’t have any marketable talents”.  He has used all of these and more on me lately.  Whenever I allow these untruths to get under my skin just a little, I remind myself that God doesn’t call the prepared, He prepares the called.  He’s got me covered, wherever He sends me.  I also believe that He uses difficult times in our lives to prepare us for something even greater that our current situations.  I know that He has been laying the groundwork during the past twenty-seven months of post-tornado to train me for a marvelous new career.

I can’t wait to have another dream!



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