Remember To Dance!


Last weekend, I had a great idea for rejuvenating our family room ceiling.   I was standing in the Home Depot looking at a bucket of special texture paint that was going to be WAY CHEAPER than the bead board idea I had the weekend before.  We bought two buckets, very pleased with ourselves that we had avoided the necessity of hoisting big sheets of bead board above our heads and screwing them onto the ceiling.

Yesterday, we started glopping on the first coat of ceiling texture paint which was SUPPOSED to cover up all signs of discoloration, cracks, holes, and the THREE DIFFERENT TILE PATTERNS.  The cute little brochure I had picked up at the Home Depot explained how very beautifully their product would cover a multitude of ceiling sins, you just roll the texture paint over it all!   The stuff didn’t just magically stick after being rolled on, it actually dripped onto our heads and the floor.  Okay, so it wasn’t going to be as easy as the brochure said.   After making some adjustments to the procedure, we began to make progress.  We worked on the first half of the ceiling until our bodies told us “no more!” and we decided to quit for the night.

As soon as we got home this evening, we started working on the ceiling again.  I hadn’t noticed earlier in the day, but it actually looked better now that it had dried.  Feeling hopeful, we loosened up and kinda sorta began to enjoy the project.  Doug found a digital jazz station on the TV which really helped.  Soon we found ourselves doing “the bump” to an 80’s song!

Well, two days, several hissy fits, and a disjointed neck later, coat number one is on the ceiling.  And, even though the stuff contains “paint”, we’re gonna have to go over it again with just plain ‘ole paint to even out the color.   With all the problems though, still better than spending $500 and screwing bead board to the ceiling.

We can laugh about it now, but my husband was the one who threw the hissies.  Because of him we had to go out and buy another box of ceiling tiles – he tossed a couple of them across the room when they didn’t fit together.  We were two short.

I joke about our remodeling projects bringing us close to divorce, but we really do work splendidly together.  And you know why?  Because whenever things begin to look impossible, one of us does something stupid to make the other laugh.  Like sing into the paint roller “microphone”, or grab my hand and kiss it, or do “the bump”.

Life gets sticky, gloppy, messy, and hissy sometimes.  When it does, remember to dance!


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