Monthly Archives: January 2014

Pre-Retirement Has Begun!


Well, four months and five major remodeling projects later we’re done. Finished our jobs and finished our unexpected updates to the house. It is on the market and we’re spending our days reading, crafting, volunteering, resting, and praying for the house to sell soon.

We put the house up for sale just before Thanksgiving. Since the day we pounded the “Cottage Fore Sale” sign into the front yard our Missouri weather hasn’t cooperated much. It seems that this winter is to be an unusually cold and icy one.

After some praying and discussion, we’ve made the decision for Doug to go on to Florida and get started in golf school. The next session begins in March. I’ll stay behind and wait for the house to sell, then get myself down there with him. Hopefully it won’t be too long.

We’ve really enjoyed our time at home together, thanks to two living areas and two televisions! No, just kidding ya. Having special breakfasts out (usually at Mary Lee’s Cafe) and visiting flea markets or reading at Books-A-Million gives us some quality time together. Couples have to find that “thing” which brings them together, but they also have to have their own occupations as well. Doug loves to read. I love to bounce from project to project (I get bored very easily), currently I’m crocheting scarves for the homeless. Last week, I was into family history research. The week before that I don’t recall what I was doing.

Lately, we’ve been privileged to meet some really wonderful folks at our local homeless shelter. It’s been our honor to serve them breakfast on a few occasions. There is such a misconception in society that homeless people are less deserving of our respect, and don’t merit our best efforts to help them. Being with these folks has allowed us to see beyond their homelessness and gain insight to the persons themselves. They’re bright, funny, clever, sensitive, compassionate. They’re compliant with house rules for receiving – certain amounts of volunteer time for services received. They’re given ownership and are able to acquire a sense of pride that comes from working for something. They WANT to work for it.

I don’t know why it is taking so long to get to Florida, but do believe that the wait is giving us a chance to do some things for others and switch the focus from ourselves. He always has a reason. And He is enough.