Monthly Archives: May 2016

Back To the Midwest


A lot has happened since writing back in January.  My husband and I decided last October to move closer to our family and began the long process of getting there.  We came to the conclusion that being all the way in southern Florida was just too hard.  We  spent many holidays and family events alone, which is very difficult for people who have close-knit relationships with their parents and children.  Florida is a beautiful place to live, it’s summer all year long, and being thirty minutes from the beach was a dream come true.  Many people our age leave the northern states and retire in Florida all the time.  Some of our friends in Florida left adult kids, grandchildren, parents, and longtime friends to live full-time in the tropics.  I thought I could do that, too, until my brother died, my father fell and injured his shoulder, my father in-law’s wife left him, and our daughter announced that she was expecting a baby soon.  The news that we would be grandparents was what prompted us to rethink the tropical semi-retirement thing.  We both knew that it would be agony to spend any amount of time away from our grandchild.

Living permanently in Florida wasn’t actually what we had planned anyway.  We thought that we would be moving somewhere in the southern states so that my husband could pursue his dream of working as a golf professional.  South Carolina or Georgia were on the top of my list of places to live, where I could pursue my dream of having a B&B.  But none of the positions that my husband applied for worked out, and he applied for many.  After several months of no job offers, we seemed to be settling into becoming comfortable where we were.  Not a bad life, really, but just not what we had hoped for.  Not what we had both thought was God’s plan for us.

Last October, after spending time in Italy with our son and his wife, we stayed a few days in Missouri to visit family.  Our daughter arranged to have a Gender Reveal Party while we were there.  Anticipation at becoming grandparents made us both realize that we couldn’t do this from all the way in Florida, so we made a decision to move back to Missouri.  My husband actually was the one to say it out loud first, and I was overjoyed to have him express what I had been thinking.  We decided that he would look for a position in Kansas City as soon as we returned to Florida.

This is where it gets good.  My husband had applied for many jobs all over the southeastern United States since his graduation in February 2015.  NOTHING came from any of those applications.   Once he made the commitment to living and working in Kansas City, possibilities opened up like crazy.  He sent correspondence to several golf pros and immediately received responses from three of them.  One of the golf pros “happened” to be in Florida and called to set up a face-to-face interview.  My husband received a job offer and then we were quickly making arrangements to move to Missouri.  It was very apparent that God was making things happen because this was the path He had chosen for us.

God knew  that we would be needed in Missouri.  He wanted us to be available to move there when the timing was perfect.  He knew a job would be opening at that particular golf course at that particular time.  He knew our daughter was going to have a baby at that same time.  If we had moved to any other place, we would have been outside His will for us.  We would have made a mess of things.

Three months later, we are settled into a life that feels completely natural.  My husband loves being able to work in a golf environment, and I love being a stay-at-home grandma.  I see my daughter and granddaughter almost every day.  I enjoy my home and my garden.  I don’t have a B&B with actual customers, but our family and friends come to visit and I spoil them silly.  We’ve been blessed to have extended family (our son in-law’s mom and brothers) who enjoy being together, and we spend most Sundays taking turns hosting family dinners.  What a contrast to last Christmas Day, my husband working and me spending the day alone!

Using a quote from Scripture that I’ve thought of many times during the past two years, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

God knows what is around the corner in all of our lives.  We must trust Him to guide us, and patiently await the revealing of His will.  He loves us so, and wants His best for us!