Being Where You’re Supposed To Be


I could tell the moment we walked into church this morning that something good was about to happen.  The Lord pointed out some things that I must let go of, put His  healing touch upon me, then blessed me incredibly in a way that only He can do.  I’ve been floating all day.

We took a break today from the intensity of the house remodel.  Doug went to play golf with a good friend, and I spent some quality time at a couple of flea markets.  Perusing the aisles of people’s unwanted junk, some projects and ideas came to my mind, as is usually the case.   When I got home four hours later, I was ready to do something creative.  I was reminded of the sea shells and beads still sitting underneath the living room coffee table where I left them over a month ago.  After fixing myself a big glass of iced tea, I sat down in front of the TV with all my jewelry stuff and spread it out all over the sofa and TV tray.

After several vacations to South Carolina, Georgia, and most recently, Florida, I’ve amassed quite a collection of sea shells.  I found a new type of shell in Ft. Pierce, Florida this year that I decided to incorporate into jewelry – Jingle Shells or Mermaid’s Toenails.  One doesn’t have to look too hard to find these little gems, they’re laying everywhere on most parts of the beach.  They are called Jingle Shells because of the sounds they make when washing up on shore.  And they really do look like toenails, too, although the blackish silver ones must be the toenails of a sea witch!  They come in various shades of peach, beige, black, and silver.

I made three bracelets this afternoon.  So far, I’ve made a dozen different ones.  No two are alike, and I’ve used a variety of color combinations along with shells and other little surprises to make each one.  These little beauties my be my new “thing”.  Who knows?

This morning’s message dealt with Peter wanting to go with Jesus and be involved in whatever was going to take place after The Upper Room events.   But  Jesus had to take care of the betrayal and arrest without the disciples’ help.  It wasn’t safe for them to be with Jesus.  Peter’s death at that time wouldn’t mean anything.  God had stuff for him to do.   How often do we jump into something that we’re not really supposed to do, something that’s not part of God’s plan at that moment?  We really have to now God’s heart and how He works in us to avoid making snap decisions that put us at spiritual risk and outside His will for us.  And the only way we can know His heart is to pray, listen, read His Word (Bible), and listen more.

This move to Florida has given us lots of practice at praying and listening.  Sometimes I let myself become discouraged and question our decision.  Then a “God thing” will come along and put me back on track.  He is lining up all the particulars, and we have to trust Him to have everything in perfect order and wait for that to happen.  In the safety of His perfect will.



Overcome By Bleach


Last night, we went to dinner with my parents, which is always a hoot.  We have lots of fun with them though.  They make us laugh, in fact, we laugh all the way home afterward on most occasions.   By the way, they have been invited to move in with us whenever we get settled.  My mother isn’t sold on the notion yet, but dad is ready to go.  Mom sees all of the stuff they would have to deal with in order to move house, and dad doesn’t give a rip.  I think they’re planning to fly down to see us in February, should be interesting since they plan to stay about a month.

I spent quite a bit of time a little while ago scrubbing the family room floor with bleach.  We’re going to repaint it after Doug replaces the crown moulding and baseboard in that room and we paint the walls again.  Always, ALWAYS open doors before using straight bleach.  Came very close to burning my nose.  Duh.

Well, off to church.  Going tonight so that we can get started very early tomorrow morning on the family room before it gets too hot.  On top of everything else, we’re having a heat wave.  A tropical heatwave, in southwest Missouri.

A New Adventure Coming


DSC02178My husband, Doug, told me several years ago that he wanted to retire when he was fifty-five.  Well, here we are, just four months away from his goal.  We both turn fifty-five this fall, and his last day at his corporate job will be in early December.

Doug decided to turn his love for golf into a new career, and next January he will be attending golf school at Kaiser University in Port St. Lucie, Florida.  I’m not sure what I will be doing yet, but I hope it will have something to do with helping people and working with volunteers.  I’ve spent the past twenty-seven months coordinating volunteer housing at our church following the EF5 tornado that ripped through our home town in May 2011.  I’ve become really good at hospitality.

This will be only the third time we have moved since our marriage in 1987.  You can guess how much stuff we’ve accumulated since then.  And we have to get rid of a boatload of it before we can sell our house.  So. we spend hours every evening and weekend dealing with clutter, repairs, and updating so that we can get the most out of the sale.

Tonight, Doug took more of our clutter to the storage unit we’ve rented while I cleaned out the fridge.  I don’t know why I don’t clear it out more often.  It was to the point that nothing else would fit in it, and there’s not much in there that we can even eat.  I pulled everything off the shelves and found that we had nine jars of pickles.  Nine!  And my husband is a connoisseur of jams, so there were seven different kinds of jam as well.  I threw out four of them.  There were also some things in there that were unrecognizable, most likely some sort of fruit.

Lots of changes coming – insurance, my job, income, leaving friends and family behind, etc.  I got a really bad headache earlier today after talking with our insurance agent.  Turns out we have to look for another company since our current one doesn’t service the southern states.  We’ve been with this them since 1987.  American Family is a great company, BTW.

Tomorrow I will venture into a couple of closets that I’ve not seen the inside of for several years.  Yikes.